Flowers and Styling


Décor is an essential element of any successful Event. It sets the tone before guests even arrive and helps to create an experience that will stay with them long after the Event is over. From the colours, flowers and fabrics you choose to the decorations you hang, your décor will make a lasting impression. With the right décor, your guests will feel that the event is important and they will leave with a memorable experience.


Naomi Rose is our award-winning floral designer, stylist and creator of our stunning event spaces.

Our Coastal suite is styled to perfection by her and ready for you to walk right in and enjoy.
The warehouse space is where you will see Naomi’s talents blossom to create the theme and space of your dreams. 

Naomi can also help you with floral masterpieces for your wedding day in our space or at the venue of your choice.

For ease of ordering your Bouquets and buttonholes head on over to her new online store

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