The Team

Our Events on Citrus Team

Melina & Naomi

Co-owners of Events on Citrus

Melina and Naomi have been working together for nearly 10 years, running their own businesses but always supporting each other wherever possible. Every year the two get together with Genelle from Immerse photography and create an epic-styled shoot to showcase the newest trends. Melina and Naomi start to source everything from platters to vases, to furniture so when it comes to the newest styles and trends happening, you are sure they will have everything sorted to create it for you.

In 2019 they had a dream to create an incredible event space to host parties of all sorts. Merging their businesses into the same building meant they could finally spend more time on what they love to do, creating and styling events from food to flowers and more. And that's what they have been doing since covid hit.

Today! Events on Citrus is here. Two amazing spaces. The relaxing spa-like retreat is called the Coastal suite and the natural industrial Warehouse space. 

About Melina

Bringing the "Magic" to food

Melina is an awarding winning pastry chef with over 25 years in the hospitality industry. She has worked not only in the kitchen but also styling tables, managing events, and even behind the bar. This has given her the skills to make sure your whole event runs smoothly from start to finish.

Regnier Cakes & Desserts

Pastry Chef and Food designer

About Naomi 

Turning your Vision into Reality

With over 15 years of floristry, Visual Merchandising, styling training and arts background Naomi can turn any space into that wow factor feeling. 

"I love the unique connection between the beauty of natural elements infused with the intimate personal elements each client brings, to make the perfect floral tribute for the occasion."

Trust Naomi's keen eye for detail and artistic flare to create unique designs for your special occasion.

Naomi Rose Floral Design

Floral Designer & Stylist